Sponsor: Marilyn Smith

Spanish Club is offered to any student who are currently enrolled in in a Spanish class or who have taken at least one year of Spanish. This club serves to increase awareness of Hispanic Life and Culture. We participate in homecoming festivities, Fine Arts Festival, fundraising activities, and club T-shirts at the end of each semester.

2019-20 Spanish Club Members:

Gage Abernathy

Kenzie David

Emma Hanks

Kylie Harvey

Cameron Hepp

Kyle Kellerman

Taylor Kurtz

Cagney Kwiatkowski

Saydee Loos

Riana McGlinn

Azhure McKenzie

Jenna Opp

Cheyenne Pauley

Livia Queen

Emma Rice

Jimmie Reiman

Emily Skinner

Addie Waggoner

Alexia Warden

Maddie Wright

Caden Yates