Sponsor: Kim Leitz

Green team makes it possible for everyone at PCHS to recycle clean, used paper products; examples include copy paper, notebook paper, small cardboard boxes, empty tissue boxes, magazines, etc. from around our school. Some things our green team doesn’t handle include: food wrappers, fast food containers, pizza boxes, used facial tissue, milk cartons, or other soiled items similar to these. PCHS green team has put small blue bins in each classroom around the school and responsible students who are part of our green team collect those bins from each classroom. This process happens eerie Tuesday at 1:50. You can’t miss it when Kim Lietz announces, “Hey Hey Hey, Green Team!” All of green team knows this announcement means to go to the teacher's classroom that you signed up for and collect that blue bin. Then take it to the cafeteria, empty the small bins into big bins, and return them to the correct teacher's classroom. A student driver and her/his assistant will take the larger bins to the green recycling bins behind the Perry County Government Building, located south of Pinckneyville on highway 127. The time the student driver and his/her assistant take the large bins to the green bins behind the Perry County Government Building is flexible. Our PCHS green team recycles over 1,000 pounds of clean paper and cardboard every school year. There are two separate mandatory meetings that all green team members must attend; the first will be at the beginning of the school year, and the second will be at the end of the school year. (Kim Lietz herself will announce these dates and times) Meetings for green team are held in Kim Lietz’s room #127. Each student that would like to join our fabulous PCHS Green Team must pay a $3.00 fee before joining the club.